When she is happy, she can’t stop talking, when she is sad she doesn’t say a word. Ann Brashares (via psych-facts)

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  • english is not their first language: Hello! I'm sorry if my English isn't very good.
  • english is their first language: hte fuckign
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It is easy to wear a mask, and way more difficult to be yourself, and HIM as a band chooses the last one. Ville Valo (via io11)

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Your tattoos are supposed to be some connection to your personality. That’s a lot more important than going in and just picking one off a wall. I’ve never understood why people get butterflies tattooed on their bottoms or whatever. That’s really weird. Ville Valo (via toldtobebalanced)

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Curious fact


I saw this girl with Ville not long ago in Vantaa Airport. I want to know who she is because it was really close to him (they were kissing actually, Ville almost eat the girl’s mouth) This morning I saw her again and she was wearing what it seems to be one of Ville’s shirts and I can swear one of his berets in tower’s front door with a key!!! The curious fact is it wasn’t Sandra…

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